Xtend™ Capillary Microarray Pins

Xtend Microarray Pin


- Excellent spot uniformity and deposition repeatability
- Controllable uptake volume
- Equally effective on glass and membrane surfaces
- Zero cross-sample contamination
- Zero evaporation during printing cycle
- No prespotting required
- Absolute chemical inertness and corrosion resistance
- 100 times tougher than glass
- Easy handling


Part Number Name Price
Order Quantity
1-16 pc     17+ pc
007-080 Xtend Pin 80um diameter $250         $200
007-100 Xtend Pin 100um diameter $250         $200
007-140 Xtend Pin 140um diameter $250         $200
007-200 Xtend Pin 200um diameter $250         $200
007-300 Xtend Pin 300um diameter $250         $200
007-350 Xtend Pin 350um diameter $250         $200
007-500 Xtend Pin 500um diameter $250         $200
007-700 Xtend Pin 700um diameter $250         $200

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Excellent Spotting Uniformity
Deposition through capillary channel significantly improves spots uniformity compare to split pins even when printing liquids with different viscosity.
Deposition Repeatability
Capillary construction allows deposition of equal amount of liquid regardless of the viscosity and outer conditions such as temperature and humidity.
Controllable Uptake Volume
Typically microarray printing pins uptake DNA material enough for hundreds of spots but deposit only a few dozens. The remaining material is wasted in the washing apparatus before the next sample pick-up. Precious biological material can be saved for further prints if pins could uptake the amount of liquid only necessary for deposition of the required number of spots. In LabNEXT printing pins deposition capillary is followed by big volume channel that allows pick-up amount of liquid enough for hundreds of spots. Volume of liquid that pins pick up depends on how long the pins were submerged in the liquid. Xact Microarrayer has relevant software settings that allow to control uptake volume and pick-up only minimal required amount of it.
Zero Evaporation
Due to tubular construction liquid is enclosed inside the needle and does not evaporate during the printing run.
Zero Cross-sample contamination
Simple shape of needle dramatically simplifies and improves cleaning process and along with ultra-smooth inert ceramic surface of the needle completely eliminates risk of cross-sample contamination. Cleaning equipment and procedures are also greatly simplified compare to the split pins.
Low Prespotting Requirements
Using Xtend printing pins allows to save on prespotting slides. Due to the smooth non-adhesive finish pins do not accumulate excessive liquid on outer surface. 2 prespotting hits are enough to start printing uniform spots. Only one prespotting slide is required for the most of printing jobs.
Chemical Inertness
LabNEXT composite pins are made of chemically inert material that does not contaminate printing substance - the problem very common to pins made of metal.
Corrosion Resistance
LabNEXT pins can withstand aggressive chemical environment and can operate and be cleaned with strong acids and solvents.
Wear Resistance
Xtend Pins made of the material that wears out 10 times slower than glass. The pins can make millions hits without noticeable change of the geometry. LabNEXT pins last 100 times longer than any metal pins.
Easy Handling
Xtend pins are more forgiving in handling than most of the other pins on the market partially due to the strength of the material they made of and partially due to the more rigid tubular construction.


Part Number

Tip Diameter

Capillary Diameter

Number of spots per 20x70mm chip area

Deposition volume GLASS/MEMBRANE

Uptake Volume

Number of spots per pick-up GLASS/MEMBRANE

Number of prespotting hits required GLASS/MEMBRANE

007-080 0.08mm 0.015mm up to 50 000 spots 0.3 nl / 1nl 5-300nL 700/200 2 / 1
007-100 0.10mm 0.02mm up to 50 000 spots 0.4 nl / 1.5nl 5-300nL 500/150 2 / 1
007-140 0.14 mm 0.03 mm up to 35 000 spots 1nl / 5nl 5-300nL 300 / 60 2 / 1
007-200 0.20 mm 0.05 mm up to 22 000 spots 1.8nl / 8nl 5-300nL 165 / 36 2 / 1
007-300 0.30 mm 0.06 mm up to 9 000 spots 2.2nl / 10nl 5-300nL 135 / 30 2 / 1
007-350 0.35 mm 0.1 mm up to 7 000 spots 3nl / 15nl 5-300nL 100 / 20 2 / 1
007-500 0.5 mm 0.14 mm up to 1500 spots 5nl / 25nl 5-300nL 60 / 12 2 / 1
007-700 0.7mm 0.18 mm up to 1000 spots 7nl / 35nl 10-300nL 40 / 8 2 / 1

Smaller diameters allow more dense printing. Best suited for high capacity scientific microarrays. Larger diameters produce bigger spots with more integral intensity of the fluorescent signal thus providing better dynamic range of the experiment. Best suited for low density diagnostic microarrays and experiments with low expressing genes.

NOTE: Please refer to the LabNEXT Online Docs for more specifications and application notes. Xtend Pins Application Manual

Xtend Plate Microarray Pins

Xtend Plate pins feature thinner shaft to provide more free space inside a microplate well. Their diameter is 1.8mm vs 2.4mm for regular Xtend and Xtend RM microarray pins. 0.6 mm extra space allows a few more rows and columns of spots to be deposited inside the well.
Xtend Plate pins are also 5mm longer than the regular version to provide access to the deep well microplates.

Xtend Plate Printing Microarray pins

All printing parameters of Xtend Plate pins are equal to the regular Xtend pins as they feature the same capillary tips.

NOTE: Xtend Plate pins require print head with thinner holes. They can not be used with the regular print head.

Prices of Xtend RM pins are the same as the regular Xtend pins shown above.
Part numbers: 008 - _ _ _

Xtend RM Microarray Pins

Xtend RM pins is 5mm longer, and heavier version of the regular Xtend pins. They can serve as a replacement for discontinued MATRIX pins.

Xtend RM Microarray pins Original Matrix pins

All printing parameters of Xtend RM pins are equal to the regular Xtend pins as they feature the same capillary tips.

Prices of Xtend RM pins are the same as the regular Xtend pins shown above.
Part numbers: 0037 - _ _ _