Electronic Humidifier Manual

Humidifier Controls

( I ) button: ON/OFF switch < + > and <- > buttons: set desired level of relative humidity to be maintained by the humidifier Humidity Display: shows current relative humidity of the air. After pressing <+> or <-> button indicates set humidity for 1 second. After 1 second switches back to indicating current air humidity. RH% dial: used for calibrating humidity sensor of the humidifier against a reference external hygrometer. If a reference hygrometer shows different level of humidity than the built in humidifier sensor, the latter can be offset by turning the “RH%” dial. button: suppresses audio signal (beep sound) when water cartridge needs to be refilled. Red LED Light: indicates that water cartridge needs to be refilled. DC Out and Fan Port: Allow connecting additional humidifiers and external fans for large cabinets. Not used in any of Lab Next systems.

Filling Humidifier with Water

The humidifier consists of two parts: - the fan module with the hygrometer and the control display - the water cartridge The two parts snap into each other by hand. In order to disconnect the parts slide them first and move apart. Water cartridge comes without water. It has to be filled before use and re-filled after certain period of time depending on intensity of the operations. If the humidifier does not maintain humidity the cartridge needs to be refilled. Fill the cartridge with distilled water in the large hole on top of the water cartridge. Please use ONLY DISTILLED water for refills. Please allow the water to be absorbed by the foam inside the water cartridge.

Connecting Humidifier

- Insert ribbon cable in the humidifier “DC Power In” port. The ribbon can be inserted in any position, polarity is maintained in any case. - Install the humidifier inside the microarrayer cabinet anywhere in right area of Xact II microarrayer or in the designated mounting bracket in the THOMAS microarrayer. - Pass the ribbon cable underneath the front door of the cabinet. - Insert power supply connector in the socket attached to the ribbon cable - Plug the power supply into electric socket. - Press “I” button on the humidifier and adjust humidity settings.