Online Documentation

Microarray Pins

Xtend Pins Manual Application notes and user manual for Xtend Capillary Pins.
STS Pins Manual Application notes and user manual for STS Solid Pins.

B00labs Microarray Systems

b00 microarrayer B00labs microarray systems documentation is on the B00labs Website

XactII and THOMAS Microarray Systems

XactII and THOMAS microarray systems use the same software. All documents and manuals apply to both systems. xact personal microarrayer

Quick Start

Quick Start Unpacking, connecting and first steps for putting system in operation.

System Setup

Software Setup Installation Manual for LabNEXT and 3rd party software.
Washing Station Setup Manual for connecting microarrayer washer and dryer unit to water pump and vacuum source.
Cooling Plate Holder Setup Manual for connecting Cooling Source Plate Holder

Microarrayer Operations

Microarrayer Software Overview Brief reference to the software modules for Xact and THOMAS microarray systems.
Job Control Manual for running microarray print routines with Job Control utility.
All Parameters in the JobWizard Catalog and reference for all microarray print job parameters in the JobWizard utility
Making a Print Job with JobWizard Manual for creating and visually editing microarray print routines with Job Wizard utility.
Microarray Geometry Basic concepts and terms used for modelling microarray grid in the system software.

System Settings and Calibration

ConfigureSystem Utility Manual for ConfigureSystem utility used for setting global parameters of the system and calibration.
Calibration Manual for microarrayer calibration with the ConfigureSystem utility.
Plate Printing Replacing slide holder with microplate holder and setting the arrayer for printing onto bottoms of microplate wells.

Microarray Software Products

Xplore Xplore image analysis software user manual.


uArrayer Manual User manual for uArrayer manual microarray spotter.

Optional Equipment

Electronic Humidifier Manual User manual for optional electronic humidifier supplied with LabNEXT microarray systems.

Legal Documents

LabNext, Inc Conditions of Sale PLEASE READ ! Contract, pricing, returns, cancellations, warranty and other essential topics.
CE Declaration of Conformity
RoHS Declaration of Compliance