Process Parameters File C:\labnext\Xpress\rc_parms

"rc_parms" file contains several variables that define process parameters of the microarray print cycle. There are no GUI access to these variables, so they have to be edited in the file via any text editor, such as Windows Text Pad. The file has no extension, however it can be opened with any text editor.

Default Settings

By default all options controlled in the file are enabled. cleanOn: 1; - toggles pin washing / drying pickupOn: 1; - toggles sample pick-up from a source plae prespotOn: 1; - toggles prespotting function realPickupOn: 1; - toggles lowering of the pin in the source well (alternatively printing is suspended over the pick-up well )

Disabling Washing / Drying

cleanOn: 0; pickupOn: 1; prespotOn: 1; realPickupOn: 1; When cleanOn: 0 - Microarrayer does not travel to washer and dryer station. It just continues to the next pick-up well. - JobWizard skips Step 9 where washing and drying parameters are defined.

Disabling Prespotting

cleanOn: 0; pickupOn: 1; prespotOn: 0; realPickupOn: 1; When prespotOn: 0; - Microarrayer skips prespotting, proceeds to printing immediately after pick-up. - Prompt to change prespotting substrates is disabled. - JobWizard skips Step 7 deals with prespotting pattern. - All slide nests can be used for microarray substrates. Option to select a slide nest for prespotting is disabled.

Disabling Sample Pick-Up. Dispensing Mode.

cleanOn: 0; pickupOn: 0; prespotOn: 1; realPickupOn: 1; When pickupOn: 0 - Microarrayer does not travel to sample wells. - Microarrayer suspends printing after each print cycle until a key pressed on the keyboard. ( Stops are necessary for replacing microarray substrates. ) - New Quads are not formed - identical Clusters are printed at every cycle. Microarray substrates are supposed to be replaced after each cycle. If not replaced new spots will be printed over existing ones. - Number of print cycles are not limited. - JobWizard skips Step 2 with source microplate settings. NOTE: Cluster parameters still should be set in the JobWizard.

Stops for Head Replacement

cleanOn: 0; pickupOn: 1; prespotOn: 1; realPickupOn: 0; NEXTPin print head allows replacing of the entire head with the pins in the course of printing, instead of making pick-ups. In order to replace the print head microarrayer can make stops after each print cycle. When pickupOn: 1 and realPickupOn: 0 - Microarrayer does not pick up samples. Instead it suspends printing until a key is pressed on the keyboard. - Clusters and Quads are still formed as if pick-ups are made from a real plate, defined at the Step 6 of JobWisard.- Number of cycles is defined by the number of samples in the source plate. NOTE: Although the source plate is not present, it should be defined in the print job to set the number of print cycles ( and stops in between ). NOTE: If pickupOn: 0 - realPickupOn is ignored