THOMAS™ High Capacity Microarray System

High Capacity Microarray Spotter THOMAS


- Ideal for medium to high throughput applications.
- Highly versatile. Can be reconfigured for slide or microplate printing.
- Prints with 16, 32 or 48 pin heads
- Compatible with Xact microarrayer. Can execute printing routines created for Xact.
- Operates with proprietary high-tech composite printing pins.
- Compatible with all microplates standards.
- USB connectivity.
- Economical and easy to use.


- Printing Method: Contact printing. Proprietary head and printing pins are available. The system can accommodate heads from other vendors.
- Number of printing pins: 1-48 in various patterns with 4x4, 4x8 or 4x12 LabNEXT printing head. The control software can work with any printing pattern in case of using printing heads of other vendors.
- pins spacing: 4.5 mm, 9 mm for 384 and 96 well plates correspondingly.
- Slides capacity: two configurations of 30 or 45 slides. Any number of them can be used for pre-spotting.
- Source plates capacity: two configurations 3 or 6 plates. - Labware compatibility: 96, 384, 1536 plates
- Slide locks: independent. The system can accommodate from 1 to 45 slides in any positions.
- pins cleaning technology: fluid stream washing, vacuum drying.
- Print layouts: multiple identical microarrays at a slide. Pick-up and spotting repetitions.
- Throughput: 2 min per print cycle (Print cycle: Wash, Dry, Pick-up, Pre-spot, Deposit at 13 slides). 384 well plate can be printed in 7-8 min with 48 pins - Environmental Control: on-board electronic humidifier. Maintains relative humidity inside the system cabinet in the range of 40-80% with 2% precision.

- Accessible operating area: L 376mm, W 382mm, H 70mm
- Resolution: X, Y - 0.002 mm, Z - 0.005 mm (spacing between two nearest possible spots)
- Absolute accuracy: X, Y - 0.05 mm, Z - 0.05 mm. (accuracy of positioning the most remote from the origin spots within the work area)
- Repeatability within the same run: X, Y - 0.01 mm, Z - 0.01 mm (accuracy of returning to the same spot without run interruption.)
- Repeatability after  run interruption: X, Y - 0.01 mm, Z - 0.01 mm (accuracy of returning to the same spot after the system has been stopped and re-initialized)

- Dimensions: W 24" X L 24" X H 10" (457mm X 355mm X 229mm)
- Power supply: 110V-220V AC
- Lab facilities: Vacuum. Portable vacuum pump can be used.
- Computer interface: USB
- Computer requirements: Windows 2000/XP, USB port.

Work Board Configurations

1. 45 1"x3" slides, 3 source microplates
2. 30 1"x3" slides, 6 source microplates
3. 30 1"x3" slides, 3 delivery 96-well microplates, 3 source microplates
4. 9 delivery  96-well microplates, 3 source microplates

The system shipped with the holders that can be formed in one of the above configurations.

High Capacity Microarray Spotter THOMAS


Part Number Name Price Includes
020A THOMAS Microarray System (#1 work board configuration) $19900 - Microarrayer
- 4 Xtend Pins (any diameter)
- Peristaltic Pump
- Control Software

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Data Sheet PDF: THOMAS Data Sheet.pdf