XactII and THOMAS Microarrayer Software Overview

XactII and THOMAS microarray systems run the same control software. Differences can be found only in the work board settings since the arrayers differ in size and feature different number of labware components on the board. Control software consists of separate modules called Utilities in the user documentation ( i.e. JobControl utility )


ManualControl microarrayer manual control icon Used for moving the arrayer Motion System manually, in arbitrary way by clicking on corresponding "arrow" (left, right, forward, backward, up, down) buttons. JobControl microarrayer manual control icon Used for running Print Jobs ( print routines ). This is the utility you need to launch the microarrayer to execute one of the PrintJobs. JobControl requires connection of the arrayer to the USB port. See Docs page for detailed information JobControl Utility JobWizard microarrayer job wizard icon Used for creating or editing PrintJobs that will be executed by the JobControl utility. The GUI of of JobWizard represents a series of consecutive steps needed to enter all parameters necessary to create a valid PrintJob. Job Wizard does not require microarrayer connection to USB. See Docs page for detailed information JobWizard Utility ConfigureSystem microarrayer configure system icon Used for configuring geometrical and mechanical ( such as speed, acceleration ) parameters of the microarrayer. The microarrayer is shipped preconfigured, so normally configuration is not required. However if a new component (such as a 3rd party print head, or non standard plate holder ) is installed in the system its parameters need to be registered and the the system needs to be calibrated to accurately position thin new component. ConfigureSystem requires connection of the arrayer to the USB port. See Docs page for detailed information System Calibration Job Editor microarrayer job editor icon Used for viewing and editing already created Print Jobs. The GUI offers a "list" view of all parameters that comprise a print job. JobEditor does not require microarrayer connection to USB.

Microarrayer USB Connection

Some Utilities have ability of actually moving the microarrayer - they "talk" via the USB port to the microarrayer. In order to run them the arrayer has to be connected to the USB port of the computer. If there is no arrayer connected, they won't launch and produce an error message: microarrayer disconnected error message Other utilities are for editing print routines and system settings. They work with files only, do not communicate with the microarrayer and therefore do not require the arrayer connected to the USB port.

Data Storage and Exchange between Utilities

Microarrayer control utilities do not communicate directly with each other. Instead they communicate via computer files stored in C:/labnext/PRODUCTION_DATA folder on the PC. Some utilities such as JobWizard create print routines and save them in files. Other such as JobControl read the files and move the microarrayer according to the instructions set in the files. It is important to know that all data specific to the current microarrayer installation is stored in the PRODUCTION_DATA folder. If you need to move the microarrayer form one PC to another you need to install the software and copy the PRODUCTION_DATA folder. All settings and print jobs will me transferred.