Microarray Systems
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                     B00cartesian™ Compact Microarrayer

Full-featured microarray system for printing arrays on slides or onto bottoms of 96-well plates.

XactII Microarray Spotter in Slide Configuration

                         Xtend™ Microarray Pins

Capillary and solid pins and print heads for all type of microarray applications, surfaces and compounds. Diameters from 80um to 700um.

Microarray Print Head with Xtend Pins

           B00scara™  Microarrayer

Ultra-compact low-medium throughput microarray system.

B00 scara microarrayer


Manual microarray spotter. Zero learning curve. No software and hardware setup.

Manual Microarrayer uArrayer

             THOMAS™ Microarrayer

High capacity microarray system with configurable labware board layout.

High Capacity Microarrayer THOMAS