B00™ Microarray Systems

B00 Microarray Systems

B00™ is a series of microarray systems developed by B00labs for LabNEXT.
B00cartesian™ and B00scara™ share control and program editing software, allowing the execution of the same print routines on either system. Both systems use a built-in controller and do not require an external PC to run them.
B00™ systems provide an extensive selection of features for printing all types of microarrays on various substrates.
With added functionality, B00™ microarray systems offer more intuitive software and a shorter learning curve.


  • Out-of-the-box operation. See the manual
  • No external PC required. (Monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the internal controller.)
  • Allows remote operation via the Internet.
  • Prints on glass slides or onto bottoms of 96-well microplates.
  • Can be configured for working with custom labware.
  • Samples cooling option available.
  • Choice of microarray pins Xtend™ or 3rd party vendors.
  • Visual Control and Program Editing software. See the manual


B00Cartesian pricing and specs

B00SCARA pricing and specs


On-line User Docs http://b00.us/docs/docs.html
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