STS™ All Metal Solid Tip Microarray Pins

STS Microarray Pins. Stainless steel solid tip


- Available diameters 400um, 800um, 1000um, 1500um
- Work better with high surface tension buffers
- Equally effective on glass and membrane surfaces
- Compatible with all LabNEXT print heads and microarrayers
- Utilize same cleaning protocols as ceramic tip pins
- Operation requires refill after each spot deposition


Part Number Name Price
Order Quantity
1-16 pc     17+ pc
087-400 STS Pin 400um diameter $220         $180
087-800 STS Pin 800um diameter $220         $180
087-1000 STS Pin 1000um diameter $220         $180
087-1500 STS Pin 1500um diameter $220         $180

* Indicated prices are for direct sales from LabNEXT. On some markets LabNEXT sells only through distributors. Distributor prices may vary significantly. Please check our Order page for distributor list and other ordering information.


Part Number

Tip Diameter ( mm )

Array Density ( spots / cm2 )

Deposition Volume ( nL ) Glass/Membrane

087-400 0.4 up to 169 ( 13x13 array ) 0.5 / 0.8
087-800 0.800 up to 49 ( 7x7 array ) 4 / 7
087-1000 1.0 up to 16 ( 4x4 array ) 7 / 10
087-1500 1.5 up to 9 ( 3x3 array ) 20 / 30

NOTE: Please refer to the LabNEXT Online Docs for more specifications and application notes. STS Pins Application Manual


Spotting Uniformity
STS pins achieve 10% spot diameter consistency for each particular pin and 15% diameter consistency across multiple pin ( when printing with the same buffer, using surfactants in the buffer composition ) Printing with plain water or salt based buffers with high surface tension may increase spot size variation
Deposition Repeatability
15% for the same pin and 22% across multiple pins ( for the same buffer ). Deposition volume repeatability is proportional to the power 3 to the spotting uniformity. 10% spot diameter variation results in 15% volume variation.
Zero Cross-sample contamination
Simple cylindrical shape of pin tips allow quick and effective cleaning in water reservoir and vacuum dryer.
Corrosion Resistance
STS pins tips are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. They inert to most organic solvents, but corrode in higher concentration acid and alkaline solutions.
Wear Resistance
STS pins withstand hundreds of thousand hits against glass without notably changing shape of the tip.
Easy Handling
STS pins due to solid tip and overall simple construction are the easiest option in terms of handling and cleaning during print runs and between operations.