Optional equipment and labware for Xact or THOMAS microarray systems.


plate holder for Xact microarrayer

- Holds 2 microtiter plates with industry standard footprint 5"x4.37" ( 127.6mm x 85.6mm).
- Acceptable plate dimensions tolerance +/- 2.5 mm.
- Compatible with Xact microarrayer.


slide holder for Xact microarrayer

- Holds 14 glass slides 1"x3" ( 25mm x 75 mm).
- All slide locks are independent. - Acceptable slide dimensions tolerance +/- 1mm.
- Slide positioning accuracy 0.05mm.
- Compatible with Xact microarrayer.


Double Head Water Pump for Xact microarrayer

- Feeds washing station with liquid.
- Two heads with different water flow provide continuous feeding and prevent overflowing. Smaller head for feeding, larger head for taking off liquid.
- Variable power supply (0-12 VDC) for regulating speed from ~10 rpm to ~100rpm.
- Compatible with B00-SCARA, B00-Cartesian, Xact and THOMAS microarrayers.


- Flow Rate 1st Head: 10 mL/min
- Flow Rate 2nd Head: 4 mL/min
- Power Supply: External adapter 12VDC output , 100 - 240 VAC input
- Tubing Material: silicone


Keeps samples in the source plate at lower temperatures without need to cool down entire space inside the cabinet of the microarrayer.

Body of the holder contains channels for cooling liquid flow underneath the upper, heat conductive surface. The upper metal surface contacts with the bottom of the microplate wells keeping them at intended temperature. Temperature of the cooling liquid defines the temperature of samples in the microplate.

Cooling plate holder for LabNEXT microarrayers

Cooling plate holder for LabNEXT microarrayers, plate installed

- Compatible with Xact and THOMAS microarrayers.
- Installed in place of the regular source plate holders.
- External peristaltic water pump is required ( LabNEXT P/N 140 ).
- Suitable for subzero temperatures with non-freezing cooling liquid.


- Cooling liquid flow rate recommended: 10 mL/min
- Cooling liquid: water, alcohol

More details in Cooling Plate Holder Manual


Part Number Name Price
110 Microplate Holder $600
120 Glass Slide Holder $700
150 Peristaltic Water Pump for Microarrayer Washer ( dual head ) $700
115 Cooling Plate Holder $400
116 Peristaltic Water Pump for Cooling Plate Holder( single head ) $500

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